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Portal for the provision of results

ESMVal Tool Portal for the provision of results

The FUB developed the framework Freva for the evaluation of decadal predictions in the BMBF-funded project MiKlip ( Freva is installed at the DKRZ and is a platform and interface for communication within the developer and user community. The results of Freva can be discussed and finally accessible to the public.

Freva manages large amounts of data, which can be integrated in evaluation routines and diagnostics. The data and results of the evaluation routines and diagnostics are described with metadata by the system in order to keep the overview and to guarantee the reproduction.

For the project CMIP6-DICAD, Freva is modified and new functions are added to the framework. Results of the ESMValTool mainly consists of a large number of images or netCDF files. In order to version the results a new plugin is being developed. This plugin collects the ESMValTool output, extract metadata or tags from the images and/or log files and saves them into a database. So, results can be made searchable, findable and visible. In the history section, results can be filtered and sorted by entering an arbitrary expression.

Sketch of the CMIP6 ESMValTool portal

Figure 1: Sketch of the CMIP6 ESMValTool portal


The existing annotation function for results in Freva is significantly expanded so that individual objects, object groups and processing steps can be commented. In addition, Freva will be extended by a discussion platform, so that modelers, the scientific community and finally externals can discuss and evaluate the results. In order to enable external access, Freva offers the possibility of guest accounts. In conclusion, the modified Freva is a platform for the rapid exchange of information for the ESMVal community.

The CMIP6 ESMValTool Portal can be accessed via this link.