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In Alliance 1 'DICAD' it is planned to provide the German contribution to the international CMIP6 archive (ESGF), the data base of IPCC/AR6, as well as providing German researchers with fast access to the most important international CMIP6 data.
This also includes the development of a data processing infrastructure that enables the participants in the CMIP6-EndorsedMIPs to evaluate their model results, format the data compliant with the CMIP standard, or check the compliancy with that standard.
Compliancy is the precondition for the data to be published in the CMIP6 ESGF archive.

In addition, there are activities, as in Alliance 2, intending to advance the participation of new German models in this and future CMIP phases, in particular the ICON-based MPI-ESM-2 model of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology.

Alliance 1 consists of 4 partners (see below). Accordingly, the DICAD part of the project is divided into 4 subprojects. The titles indicate the main activity.


„Creation and running of the national CMIP6 Data pool and of an infrastructure for data quality assurence"

Sub-project 1

„Data evaluation of CMIP6 simulation results with the Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool)“

Sub-project 2

„ICON climate projektions of the atmosphere with grid refinement over Europe“

Sub-project 3

„A web-portal for the provision of evaluation results“

Sub-project 4